Mariyasha’s Cabin
"I love the internet because I love the world. You can’t exit the internet to reality, the Exit is thru the internet, to return from hyperreality. When you close your eyes, what you’re seeing is cyberspace. Screens are portals thru the metaphysical, and everything is real and I love you".


Mariyasha’s Cabin is a two~room exhibition room connected to the internet.
It’s open for exhibitions monthly.
It's a collection of save~states built on a site with unsorted potencies.

The eponymous gallery~keeper is a previous resident of the space.


keywords: divinity ~ eschatology ~ post-identity ~ hypershojou ~ hyperstition ~ cybersigil ~ (an)iconism ~ angels ~ dolls ~ networks ~ taproots ~ immanence ~ solar storms ~ fate ~ ekstasis ~ scripture ~ time


Our title sprite and page decorations are created by kruglyash.

we accept proposals:

בעזרת השם