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artist: title: sample (click to enlarge):
MIDWESTCYBORG Graven Images: Millennium Bible graven images by lee judilla
MIDWESTCYBORG Network Spirituality network spirituality by lee judilla
ALECCHINA The Dichotomy of Grotesqueness and the New Canon minji park
aemmonia PORTALS aemmonia
Soulgem CYBERUS 01 cyberus zine by soulgem
anezka + notxcare poznámka o mesiášském zrychlení notes toward messianic accellerationism
WELL__BORN Fantasy odyssey / a Hostage / & more well born
SYNCHRON: Liminal Bridges Karl-William Klenk, Chiu Laozhi, Claire Barrow, Sal Salandra, Riccardo D’avola-Corte, various synchron magazine
ghxxstr43v3r + monstertruck.fanclub Someone is Watching (1 & 2) someone is watching
EFFECTIVE___POWER Secret Growing / Angel Eyes / Held< madelyn kellum
ardósia Cru Encarnação ardosia
anonymous covenant 01 VARIOUS anonymous covenant 01

בעזרת השם